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Finding Time To Exercise

The number one excuse or reason people have when explaining why they do not exercise is not having the time. The full time job, the kids and all of their activities, the house and commitments don't allow for them to exercise on a regular basis.

Well, the excuses are over. It take a bit of effort, but the key to finding the time to exercise is planning. Just like you plan your kids weekly activities and what you are having for dinner, you can plan your exercise. Even for people who have time on their hands, planning is essential to success.

What works best is scheduling your exercise weekly. So for example, on Sunday morning, when most people have a few extra minutes, grab your calendar and write down exactly what it is you are going to do to move your body each day of the week. As we all know, boredom from our workouts can affect our dedication so variation each day is suggested.

If you are going to workout 5 days per week, choose your two busiest days on average and cross those days off right away. So on a given week, let's say Tuesdays and Thursdays are crazy for you, have those be your days off. Then start from the beginning of the week and write down on your calendar what you are going to do each day. Sunday could be an early morning walk or jog before the day takes off. Monday a DVD workout. If you don't have any DVD's, go to Target or another discount store and buy two or three of them, maybe a cardio, a Pilates and a Tae Bo workout. Wednesday could be a local yoga or cardio kickboxing class that is in your area. Friday another walk or jog outside or on the treadmill, maybe the elliptical. And on Saturday, the last day of the week, get together with a friend or neighbor and do something physical together, motivate each other.

Everybody is different, but generally people commit to exercise and maintain that commitment if they do it in the morning. We all want those extra few minutes of sleep, but you will have so much more energy in the long run and throughout the day if you just get up and do it. It's much harder after a long day to put on your sneakers and find the motivation, do it when you are rested and take control of your day.

Another practice that equals success in anything is writing down your goals. There is a much better chance that you will do something if you write it down and have to look at it. Keep that calendar with your daily workout plans in a place that you see every day, maybe near the coffee in the kitchen?

Another tip to ensure success is to put your sneakers, socks and exercise clothes next to your bed each night, so in the morning it is right there for you to put on. If you are in your gear right from the start of your day, there is a much better chance you will exercise. Once you commit and reap the benefits of exercise, you will never allow time to be an excuse again, your life will change for the better.

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