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Staying Tan In Winter

We all know that even in the summer, the sun is not our friend. It had been proven, over and over again, that sun exposure not only accelerates the aging process, but can cause skin cancer. At the same time, we all want to have that tan, glowing skin that makes us look so healthy and fit. Everybody wants to have a tan in the summer, but what about the colder months? What can we do to still look gorgeous rather than pale and sickly?

By now, you have probably seen all of the self-tanning products out there that promise you the ultimate tan. Some are mixed with moisturizers that slowly change your skin color, while other give you an instant bronzed look. Even though these self-tanners have come far from the days of turning people orange, most of them do not work the way you had hoped they would. They just do not look natural at all.

Here is why. The reason most of these products do not work is because they are full of chemicals, words that are difficult to pronounce like methylparaben and butylphenyl. Just like processed foods, these ingredients are not natural in any way, so why do we expect them to give us a natural-looking tan? It's nearly impossible.

The answer to staying healthy and looking healthy will always be eating natural foods and using natural products. Putting chemicals into your body or onto your skin is unhealthy and the results will always be disappointing. Instead try a self-tanner that uses natural walnut extract and AHAs from sugar cane, citrus and apples that help your tan develop faster and more evenly and antioxidant green tea that helps prolong the life of your sunless tan for up to a week. Simply amazing.

Stay tan in the winter and all year round and maintain that beautiful, natural glow with a self-tanner made naturally. Not only will you look great, but another perk to the natural self tanner is there is no odor, so you will smell great too.

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