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Sleeping While Pregnant

Sleeping comfortably while pregnant can be a challenge, but in addition, being aware of the positions that you should not sleep in are a must. Doctors recommend that you do not sleep on your back while pregnant because it can cause pressure on your inferior vena cava. This is an important vein that moves blood to your heart. It can also put pressure on your back and cause extreme discomfort. Naturally, sleeping on your stomach is also not recommended because of the pressure it puts on the fetus.

What is recommended is for you to sleep on your side, your left-side preferably. This is because it allows for maximum blood flow to the fetus. You can also sleep on your right-hand side and rotate throughout the night, but doctors recommend that the left side is the best for you and your baby.

Now that you know the position you should be in, what is the best way to sleep comfortably while pregnant? The answer is the use of a hypoallergenic maternity pillow. It is a specially designed pillow that supports the growing belly in addition to relieving back pain. A maternity pillow comes with a velcro pad that adjusts between the cushions so can find your own comfort. In addition, this special pillow comes with convenient carry handles so you can bring it everywhere you go.

Since healthy breathing is very important during pregnancy, the maternity pillows cover is made of all natural cotton and the filling is high quality hypoallergenic polyfill. Not only will you finally sleep in comfort, you will be breathing in natural material all night rather than chemicals.

So if you have tried everything to sleep more comfortably while pregnant with no resolve, here is your answer, the maternity pillow. Start getting better sleep today.

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