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Get & Stay Thin Exercises

As we know, living a balanced life is the key to success in getting thin and staying thin. Making the lifetime commitment to putting yourself first, which we have already accomplished, is essential for any positive change. Scheduling specific exercise into your calendar each week must be one of your top priorities to ensure it actually happens. The only way to change your shape and maintain your new look is to move your body as often as possible. To keep you excited about exercise and to ensure that you don't plateau, I have pulled together the best possible ways to sculpt yourself and have a beautifully balanced body for good, this is what has worked for me.

If you are just starting out with the two days per week calendar schedule, I recommend beginning your workouts with high-speed walking. You don't have to walk long distances to get results, you just have to start, get out there and move. A two to three mile speed walk is a great form of exercise and a fantastic way to get motivated. I also recommend getting yourself a pedometer. It is a terrific way to monitor your steps as it senses your body motion and converts it into distance. Wearing a pedometer all day to record and keep track of all of your steps is a great motivating tool. You can also use ankle and wrist weights along with a weighted vest as time progresses to add more resistance to your walks. Adding resistance to any exercise burns more calories in the same amount of time which will help you get thin and stay thin much more quickly.

In addition to walking, getting your heartbeat up even more through jogging and sprinting is the next step to get thin and stay thin. You can start out by jogging the distance of your walking trail and then slowly adding on more miles. In addition, a treadmill is a great exercise tool as it is easier on the knees and joints than the pavement, plus you can set up a customized workout with inclines to add more difficulty to your workout. If you are at this point and starting to jog or run, it may be time to add an additional day to your weekly workout schedule. Why not plan on three days starting next week? If you are doing the Tuesday and Thursday schedule, Saturday might be a good day to add since it is usually a day off from work and you might have more time to give to yourself.

The next level of exercise to consider is circuit training. Combining the cardiovascular workout with light weight training is a fantastic way to get thin and stay thin forever. A workout that I highly recommend is the "Jillian Michaels No More Trouble Zones" DVD. You will be motivated instantly by her instruction and see the changes in your body just as fast. The workout is forty minutes long and transforms your flab to firm so quickly you won't believe the results. This workout targets shoulders, chest, arms, abs, back, legs, hips and glutes. You will need 3-5 pound weights in addition to a yoga mat for this workout.

Another Jillian Michaels workout that I do weekly is the "Banish Fat Boost Metabolism" DVD which she says can enable you to lose up to 5 pounds in one week. This workout is no joke, one of the hardest I have ever done, but the results are amazing. In forty minutes you will burn fat like never before through circuits of heart pounding moves. Again, you will be targeting your entire body throughout this workout and will need a yoga mat.

"Tae Bo Get Ripped Advanced Kickboxing Workouts" are also very effective in getting your heartbeat up and sculpting your entire body. These moves are difficult, but fun, and the results are fantastic. Even doing Tae Bo once per week will change your body from head to toe.

It is essential to add yoga to your routine in order to have a beautiful balanced body. "Rodney Yee's" yoga DVD's are highly effective because he is a professional who has designed some pretty amazing programs. His yoga techniques will teach you balance, strength and revitalize your workout routine. You can also start out by taking a yoga class which is available almost everywhere now so you can learn the techniques from a professional in person and then apply them at home. A quality yoga mat and strap are needed for yoga workouts.

A new workout that I was recently introduced to is "Core Fusion" from the "Exhale Mind Body Spa". Elisabeth Halfpapp and Fred DeVito are husband and wife instructors and with over 50 years combined experience in teaching Pilates and yoga in addition to Tai Chi. They created the "Pilates Plus" DVD workout, in addition to others, which combines all of these disciplines and is extremely effective. The main focus is on your core, your abdominal muscles, which will not only make you look stronger and leaner, but will also strengthen your back and help you stand straighter. You will be sore for sure the next day and feel all of those muscles that you worked. Again, you will need a yoga mat and strap to do these workouts properly.

Finally, in addition to all of these workouts that I do, I have found the most challenging exercise of all with the quickest body transformation ever. This is truly my secret to sculpting my body and getting it to the best it can be, it is "Physique 57 New York". This 57 minute workout was created and is based in New York City, now is available on DVD. It is beyond challenging and was created to ensure that you never plateau. A full body workout that helps you get the best body you can possibly have through isometric exercises and orthopedic stretches. Muscles are intensely overloaded to fatigue and then stretched out which not only strengthens your muscles, but also lengthens them and your body. This workout requires a yoga mat, yoga cushion, weights and a chair or ballet bar for balance.

Commiting to any of these workouts for the rest of your life will transform your body in ways beyond what you can possibly imagine. Finding what works best for your body and scheduling that time into your calendar will not only add more balance to your life, but will give you a beautifully balanced body in no time. Get thin and stay thin forever, commit to exercise and moving your body as often as possible today.

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Written By: Cristina Pierce

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