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Best Workout:Physique 57

Physique 57 Full Body Workout has changed my life, but most importantly, my body. I started doing P57 over a year and a 1/2 ago and now I can’t imagine my life without it. I was in NYC and had heard about it from Kelly Ripa and took note of her amazingly strong arms and I wanted the same thing. Since then, it has become an essential weekly sculpting workout for me. Within 2 months of using the dvd, I saw inches disappear off of my frame. There is no doubt, this workout is challenging. With the use of body resistance and light weights, in addition to unique choreography from the creator and professional dancer, Tanya Becker, there are amazingly rapid results. Tanya teaches how to work the muscles to fatigue and then stretch them out before moving on to the next section. The 57 minute workout is low impact, but non-stop, so the heart will be beating hard for sure. With a commitment of at least one session per week, the body will get longer, stronger and leaner. These exercises enable you to have the best body that you can possibly have genetically. The belief of “no pain, no gain” continues as Tanya let’s you know that if you are not feeling your muscles working, you won’t see the ultimate results. She recommends using heavier weights or getting deeper into the moves. The workout starts with arms and includes 15 “hard” push ups. Next up is thighs with the use of a chair and a playground ball, you won’t believe how fun and effective this is. The butt or “seat muscle” as Tanya calls it is next followed up with abs, back and a thorough stretch which you will need a mat to accomplish properly. I believe that once you make this workout part of your life, you will never let it go.
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